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February 5, 2016 by  
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Across the State, our members’ downtowns are in full swing with holiday celebrations, activities and events.  In the middle of these wonderful celebrations, I wanted to take a few moments to share with you what is happening with NCDDA and the many initiatives that are being planned for 2017.

First of all, let me thank the new Board Members for being willing to participate in the election process and serve NCDDA for a two-year term.  Our new Board members are Shannon Johnson (Secretary), Mary Rose (Education), Hilary Greenberg (Professional Member), Patrick Reilly (Corporate Member), Sarah Gaylor (Community Member), Jennings Gray (Associate Member), Buffy Phillips (Region 1 Director), Christina Caudle (Region 5 Director), Bobby Funk (Region 6 Director), Zack Matheny (Large Cities Director).

Also, I would like to thank our Board Members that did not seek reelection this year for their dedicated service.  Thank you to David Diaz, Gray Stout, Eddie Belk, Teresa Watts, Lew Holloway, Jennifer Harriss, Naomi Riley, and Raul Peralta for their service on the NCDDA Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors met in Sylva in August for our quarterly board meeting and held our annual Planning Retreat in Chapel Hill during November.  We have outlined the following priorities for 2017:

1.  Proactive engagement in future municipal service district legislation.  NCDDA recognizes that it is important to remain engaged in defining the future of Municipal Service Districts in North Carolina.  We will be gathering information and date to promote the importance and success of MSDs, research examples of MSD legislation from other states that would be considered a way to improve our own legislation, and monitor potential changes to our current MSD legislation. This will allow us to be prepared and proactive should there be proposed changes in future legislative sessions.

2.  Hold an annual meeting and downtown day in Raleigh.  NCDDA will build upon the Downtown Day and our annual meeting we held in Raleigh last year. The Board will refine the program and hold another Downtown Day and Annual Meeting this year focused on raising the awareness of economic importance of downtown.

3.  Update the NCDDA mission.  As the Board continues to establish the affiliate 501 (c) 4 North Carolina Downtown Initiatives, the Board realizes we need to clearly define the role of NCDDA and its mission to ensure our membership, the general public and others can quickly understand who NCDDA is and its purpose, ensuring there is no confusion with the new 501 (c) 4.

4.  Maintain our involvement with the NC Main Street Regional Meetings.  The NCDDA will continue to participate in the NC Main Street regional meetings.  NC Main Street has invited NCDDA Members to continue attending the NC Main Street Regional Meetings.  We see this as a valuable partnership for all of our downtowns.

We need your help with these important initiatives.  Over the next 45 days, please be on the lookout for membership surveys and data calls to help NCDDA prepare for Downtown Day.  We are working to finalize our plans for that day and will let you know as soon as we are able to lock in a date, time and place.  Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping us prepare for that day.

May you, your family and friends have a memorable holiday season together.

Diane Young, NCDDA President
Executive Director
Concord Downtown Development Corporation